Route 9

Fjords and mountains

This is by far our longest route. It is not particularly technical or difficult to drive but offers great experiences and great mountain passes. After departure, drive towards Dragsvik where you take the ferry across the Sognefjord to Vangsnes.

Feel free to take a walk up the statue of Fridtjof the Miss at Vangsnes. The statue is 10.5 meters high and stands on a 12 meter high plinth. The statue was a gift from Emperor Wilhelm in 1913 who was a regular guest in Balestrand for many years.

Skill level
Length (95.9 KM)

Fjords and mountains

The trip up to Vikafjellet is nothing short of festive to drive and is packed full of wonderful turn combinations that eventually give you access to a beautiful landscape and sight. A stop in "Storesvingen" gives a rare and magnificent view of Vik and the Sognefjord. Just before the tunnel at the top, you will again peak to enjoy spectacular views. Feel free to make a stop in Voss and book a lunch at Hotel Fleisher before the trip continues to Dale where you take off towards Romarheim via Mo. 

Much of this stretch goes on narrow roads through a beautiful fjord landscape. Contrary to all motorcycle philosophy, from here you have to endure driving a bit on an E-road, namely E-39, but this stretch of road is actually ok to drive so you will actually live well with it. From Ytre Oppedal you take the ferry over on the north side of the Sognefjord and then drive back to Balestrand and Kviknes hotel. We recommend a stop in the industrial village Høyanger before you end the day with good food and drink with us.