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Hubriding is a concept where you stay in the hotel and enjoy new and exciting driving routes every single day.

Hubriding from Fleischers Hotel

The historic Fleischer's Hotel has been on view in the valley side over Vangsvatnet since 1864. Today's hotel building was completed in 1889. However, the history goes further back than that. The family's ancestor, Johan Seckman Fleischer, settled in Voss as early as 1760. He is the great-grandfather of the hotel's founder, Fredrik Fleischer, and the great-great-great-great-great-grandfather of today's host, Erik Fleischer Tønjum. He runs the hotel together with Alette Hjelmeland.

How to get here :

 Fleischer's Hotel is centrally located between Vangsvatnet and the train station at Voss. You can not help but notice it! The railway station is a traffic hub with easy access to both bus and train. It is 30 meters from the station to the hotel's main entrance. See vy.no for timetables and tickets.


Route 1: Fleischers Hotel

The route is being driven up and quality assured these days. Follow us on Facebook , where we will announce when this is ready.


Route 2: Fleischers Hotel

The route is being driven up and quality assured these days. Follow us on Facebook , where we will announce when this is ready.

Fleischers Hotel

Fleischer's Hotel is beautifully situated between mighty western mountains, in the heart of Fjord Norway. The hotel is centrally located between Vangsvatnet and the train station at Voss. Here you are met with real history, a unique building and contemporary facilities. The fifth generation Fleischer takes pride in offering a present host and contemporary meals in a venerable setting. Meals are served in Restaurant Magdalene or à la carte restaurant Seckman. In Fredrik's Bar and on the Terrace you can enjoy various refreshments. The hotel also has a wellness area with swimming pool, hot tub and sauna, an exercise room and an outdoor tennis court. Fleischer's Hotel is a modern hotel with rich traditions, and it has always been frequently visited by people from all walks of life. In 1864, when hotel operations started, hunting, salmon and fishing were the big draw in Voss. Today's hotel was built in 1889 in the Swiss style, and was quickly sought after by wealthy tourists, royalty and nobles. After days of traveling by steamship, railway and horse-drawn carriage, they arrived at a hotel with a wonderfully familiar atmosphere, as if they were suddenly back in London, Berlin, Stockholm or Paris. An atmosphere of formed hospitality and continental habits. Today, the western countryside is a modern ski and tourist destination with activities for all seasons. Voss is a traffic junction between east and west, and is close to the Hardangerfjord to the south and the Sognefjord to the north. It is easy to travel here, either by car, bus or train. The nearest airport is Bergen Airport, Flesland, approx. 100 km from the hotel.

Fun-factor and swing guarantee

The grid offers all kinds of challenges and those who want to play will find opportunities for it. As for the turn guarantee, it is not often we find such signs in Norway, but we have found them and made them available to you.

Hubriding means that you, based on one of the Historic Hotels, choose from many defined driving routes located in the surrounding hotel. The routes we offer run in some of Norway's very best terrain and include tens of thousands of turns, spectacular mountain passes, asphalt, gravel, wonderful nature experiences and the opportunity to eat well at local establishments. In the routes we have added sights and restaurants you can visit. You will be able to choose between routes and route combinations that make it possible to choose day stages with varying length and degree of difficulty. The trails can be combined and built as you wish. In other words, you can drive as much as you can on the surface and in the terrain you like best.

We have developed the concept because we like the motorcyclist as a guest group and for you to avoid tedious moves from hotel to hotel and tedious transport stages that take time. You should simply be able to spend your time on what you like best, just drive and enjoy Norway and all the great things we have to offer. Not least the opportunity to return to a well-known and established base to enjoy the good life, good food and drink and a staff that makes good arrangements for you and your needs as a motorcyclist. Exciting to leave the hotel - good to come back.

In the route network, we have arranged for you to be able to see the most interesting sights in Norway. These places have been carefully selected by local motorcyclists and hotel staff. Many of the sights are hidden gems and experiences that can only be experienced through Hubriding.

Should something happen to you, or your bike, along the way, we offer assistance as soon as possible. In the event of a breakdown, our partners will be able to ensure that you can get a rental bike the very next day. We have arranged for washing, lubrication and drying if necessary. If necessary, call your Hubriding hotel for assistance.