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Hvitsten is a route that represents the tenderloin of Eastern Norway's joys for the motorcyclist. This route is 180 km long and offers fantastic driving experiences and highlights you will only find in central Eastern Norway. Climate, temperature and driving conditions will be on your side and on this driving day you will be able to enjoy the best of what Eastern Norway has to offer.

Hvitsten is a route that starts with lazy beautiful turns along Øyeren in a rural setting. On the way down to Petter Solberg's hometown Spydeberg, you can enjoy hundreds of lazy turns before starting the amusement park section that takes you through a small adventure you never thought existed in the capital's backyard.

Skill level
Length (180 KM)

White stone

Hvitsten is a journey in all that central Eastern Norway has to offer. The start of the route is in urban areas on the road to Lillestrøm and you will on this stretch have plenty of opportunities to refuel or procure supplies for the day. The trip along Øyern is relaxing with many visual impressions and nice lazy turns. The speed is not high but here you are encouraged to enjoy. Eventually the turns pinch as on the way to Spydeberg and when you cross the E 18 on the way to Hobøl and Kroer, the smile will penetrate inside the helmet.

Here the turns are dense and demanding and take you through a terrain that requires your full and full attention. On the way to Hvitsten you can choose to drive past Son which is one of the pearls of the Oslo Fjord. Here you will find great dining and recreational opportunities before the road continues to Hvitsten and Drøbak which are at least as charming and full of life in the summer. When you arrive at Hvitsten, we recommend that you follow Hvitstenveien and Galbyveien to Drøbak.

Drøbak has a lot to offer so here it may be appropriate to do some research before departure. The road from here via Fagerstrand on Nesodden, Vinterbro and Mosseveien offers new driving technical highlights and contributes to you having an absolutely fantastic and eventful driving day. Well back at Losby you can enjoy top service, refreshments and a good meal on the outdoor terrace with new or old friends while you plan your next driving days in the county.