Tour 1: Local tour in Vrådal

The tour makes you familiar in the hotel's immediate area and is a flat and easy trip for everyone in beautiful Vrådal. You cycle west through the center and out towards the golf course on Fossøy. Here you will find here both a center with some shops, swimming opportunities, a nature trail and a cafe if you want to visit the island.

You also pass Småstraum lock with the lock museum, and from here there is a gravel road and eventually a good tractor road out towards the headland below Tarjeisberget. You should cycle the same way some distance back so you only have to turn around when it suits your daily routine. From the end of the tractor road you can take a stylish "summit trip" up on Tarjeisberget where you get a fantastic view of Hægefjell in the west and Nisser in the south. However, it is both steep and winding up and down here so be careful if you take this extra hike.

On the return, it may be tempting to take a bath on a rock or on one of the small beaches, there are several of them here.

On the way back, the trail turns up towards Vrådal Panorama where you just before the barrier turn right on a cart road (ski trail) around Holtetjønn and over the Storstraum bridge.

The beach in the center or Straand Sommerland are also good recommendations as a nice end to the trip.

When the trail was laid in early May, we experienced seeing char in the forest and a pair of cranes along the road.