Route s10

Route 10 is the longest trip currently available in this route network. The trip is about 215 km and has approx. 2000 altitude meters to offer. This is a long ride and is best suited for the more experienced cyclists who have many miles on the seat and in the legs. Because after this trip you will notice it in both legs and body. An experienced cyclist with many similar rides so this goes very smoothly.

The trip starts calmly from Vrådal along the beautiful Vråvatn to Krossli and then on down to Fyresdal. This is a very nice and nice start to the trip so that the legs get good and warm before the rest of the trip which is somewhat more demanding starts. In Fyresdal, it may also be a good idea to stock up on food and drink at the Best Station or Joker store as it may be a long time before you get the opportunity to do this again on this trip.

Skill level
Length (218KM)

Hardingen via Gjøvdal


In Fyresdal, turn right at the airport and onto Fv 401. From here you cycle in a light and flat terrain along the west side of Fyresvatn where the road turns into all the coves and bays before you reach the small hamlet Fardal. Fyresvatn is approx. 380 meters deep and is thus Norway's 5 deepest lake. From Fardal, the hardest climbing stage starts on the trip up Breivikskleivane. Breivikskleivane is approx. 6 km from the bottom to the top and has approx. 450 altitude meters. Here it is recommended not to use up all your strength, but to find a nice and even pace upwards. Once at the top, the trip continues down along Nesvatn on Fv402. At the end of Nesvatn, take off and cycle onto Fv271. The terrain here is mostly downhill, but with some slightly hilly sections. Here you just have to enjoy nature and the landscape and take in the moments where the road winds down in both open and wooded landscape before you get down into the valley and onto Rv41 approx. 5 km north of Amli. Here you can choose whether you want to take an extra turn down to Åmli bakery & café or whether you want to turn left to continue upwards in the direction of Treungen and on to the hotel. On Rv41 it is almost flat terrain, but with a couple of bends up towards Treungen. In Treungen it is possible to refill food and drink. Either at the Best station or at Coop og SPAR. In Treungen you can also choose the trip further. If you have the day where you feel that the best thing for your legs is to get to Vrådal and Straand Hotel, you can continue the trip up along beautiful Nisser. One then has approx. 45 km up to Vrådal in light terrain. But it is also possible to turn right right after Tveitsund bridge and onto Fv358 towards Gautefall in a more demanding terrain and continue the trip in this road. From Treungen towards Gautefall, there is a longer section with a climb on a nice and beautiful road until you reach Gautefall Ski Center. From Gautefall and on to Bostrak it goes down in light, beautiful and winding terrain. A terrain that is very fun to ride in. Bostrak may not have been heard by everyone, but many have probably heard of the musician Sputnik. And it is not very difficult to see where he lives when you come to Bostrak. In Bostrak, turn left onto Fv38 and continue the trip in hilly uphill terrain through Tørdal, Grova and up to the top before tipping down again towards Steane and the last stretch into Vrådal and Straand Hotel. Good trip!

"It is recommended that GPS is set to select the fastest route and any avoidances turned off for the route to be calculated as described."
"It's recommended to set you GPS to select the fastest route and any avoidance turned off for the route to calculate as intended."