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Hubriding is a concept where you stay in the hotel and enjoy new and exciting cycling routes every single day.


An adventure on two wheels

Hubriding Bicycle offers accessible trails, exciting country roads and bike routes near most cities and towns. Panoramic views and beautiful scenery can be found around every turn - a cycling holiday you are guaranteed to remember.

Norwegian bicycles for Norwegian conditions


route s1

# 1 - Bandak Rundt

This is a great route that can be ridden by riders of all levels.

route s5

# 5 - The locks

Fantastic eventful trip along some of what Telemark is best known for.

route s9

# 9 - Telemark Channels

Represents the tenderloin of Telemark and offers a bit of everything the county represents.

The North Sea Road

# 2 - Sputnik

Great all-day route for exercisers, best suited as a workout for the pros.

route s2

# 6 - Mini-Telemark

This is a cycling route for the active athletes. The route is a total of approx. 169 km.

route s10

# 10 - Hardingen

The trip for the more experienced cyclists who have many miles on the seat and in the legs


# 3 - The transitions

A great six-mile trip that offers many meters of altitude and varied driving terrain.

route s7

# 7 - The Three Lakes

This is a bike ride of 140 km in beautiful cycling terrain, and about 900 meters above sea level.

route s4

# 4 - Vråvatn Rundt

Nice route that goes through the shopping center in Vrådal to the north end.

Route s8

# 8 - Goblins Around

Great temporute for the pros and a wonderful hiking experience for exercisers.

# 1: Local tour in Vrådal

The trip makes you familiar in the hotel's immediate area and is a flat and easy trip for everyone in beautiful Vrådal.

# 2: Cycling and boating along the Telemark Canal

The trip starts from the hotel and the destination is Lunde locks. From there, take the canal boat back before cycling up Kviteseidkleivene and down to the hotel.

# 3: Cycling and boating along the Telemark Canal (short)

This is a shorter variant of route 2 where you also get to experience the Telemark Canal along Kviteseidvatn and with a boat trip from Fjågesund before you finally cycle up Kviteseidkleivene and down to the hotel.

# 5: From Grimdalstunet to Vrådal

Transport to Grimdalstunet in Tokke where you start 630 meters above sea level and cycle through pleasant cultural landscapes and well-kept forest areas down towards and along Vråvatnet.

Bicycle in Telemark

NB! We recommend that each individual makes an individual assessment of their own skill level and training basis so that you choose routes that you can master.

The trips vary in length and degree of difficulty. The hiking and mountain biking routes are shorter than the road trips, but can still have a long cycling time and something you can fill the whole day with. Some of the trips are in relatively flat terrain, but many also have heavier climbs and challenging terrain as is often the case in Norway. The map base will indicate the length and number of altitude meters, which gives a good indication of how easy or demanding the trip is.

The routes are mainly on gravel and asphalt, but may have path sections so that we can offer a round trip. What for some is trail biking is for others a wheelbarrow trail .

We recommend mountain bikes with dampers, or equivalent electric bikes. Some of the tours will take you on slightly longer trails. This will be stated in the route description so that you can adapt the equipment accordingly. Even more important than the type of bike is that you always wear a helmet!

HUB-riding uses the app Ride with GPS (link to Appstore) as a map and route base and you as a cyclist can download the routes to a smartphone or GPS and there see the number of km, altitude meters, surface etc.

Hybrid bike
Fun factor and experiences

The grid offers all kinds of challenges and those who want to challenge themselves will find opportunities for it. We have made a series of exciting cycling routes available to you.

Hubriding means that, based at Straand Hotel, you choose from many defined cycling routes located in the vicinity of Straand Hotel. The routes we offer run in some of Norway's very best terrain and include tens of thousands of turns, spectacular mountain passes, asphalt, gravel, wonderful nature experiences and the opportunity to eat well at local establishments. In the routes we have added sights and restaurants you can visit. You will be able to choose between 10 routes and route combinations that make it possible to choose day stages with varying length and degree of difficulty. The trails can be combined and built as you wish. In other words, you can cycle as much as you can on the surface and in the terrain you like best.

We have developed the concept because we like the cyclist as a guest group and for you to avoid tedious moves from hotel to hotel and tedious transport stages that take time. You should simply be able to spend your time on what you like best, just cycle and enjoy Telemark and all the great things we have to offer. Not least the opportunity to return to a well-known and established base to enjoy the good life, our roof terrace, good food and drink and a staff that makes good arrangements for you and your needs as a cyclist. Exciting to leave the hotel - good to come back.

In the route network, we have arranged for you to be able to see the biggest sights in Telemark. Ravnejuvet and the Z museum, which houses a car and motorcycles, are some of these experience places we recommend you visit.

Should something happen to you, or your bike, along the way, we offer assistance as soon as possible. In the event of a breakdown, our partners will be able to ensure that you can get a rental bike the very next day. We have arranged for washing, lubrication and drying if necessary. If needed, call: +47 35 06 90 00

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Ever since 1864, our hotel has provided well-being and good service with the guest in the center. The hospitality and the good traditions are passed on from generation to generation, and over 150 years later you will feel at home here. We warmly welcome you to one of Telemark's premier full-service hotels. Straand Hotel in Vrådal oozes history, unique facilities, world-class cuisine and an atmosphere you will be looking for for a long time.

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