Route 8

On land and on water - experience the telemark canal

This is a trip where fantastic driving experiences are combined with a great boat trip on the Telemark Canal. The trip starts after a lovely breakfast at Straand Hotel, first goes in beautiful forest terrain before parking to enjoy a great experience on the Telemark Canal. The car is parked at Ulefoss and it all starts with a bus trip to Lunde and then takes the boat back to Ulefoss through the tenderloin of the canal. The trip ends with some of the best driving terrain we can offer, where the drive along Flåvatn and the end up Kviteseidkleivene provides a great setting for everything before after-drive on the terrace.

Fantastic driving experiences combined with a great boat trip on the Telemark Canal.
This trip is also recommended as a nice experience on the way to or from Straand Hotel., If you want to combine this with a trip on the Telemark Canal.

Time (6:00)
Length (160 KM)

Route 8 - On land and on water

The drive starts along Nisser to Steane, where you turn off towards Drangedal in hilly, winding forest terrain. In Bostrak it is possible with a leg stretch and a pleasant visit to Sputnik at his museum there. From Drangedal, drive on towards Kjelldal locks and Ulefoss where the car is parked (free of charge). From Ulefoss you take a bus to Lunde, where you board the canal boats on the Telemark Canal for an impressive voyage along Europe's "eighth wonder" as the canal was called when it opened in 1892. It is recommended to have lunch on board the boat, alternatively it is recommended lunch at Spiseriet Øvre Verket if it is too long to wait until you are on board. From Ulefoss, the old Fjågesundvegen runs along the Telemark Canal, which is one of our most popular amusement parks. At Kviteseid old church, which was built around the year 1260, the trip continues into the popular kviteseid cliffs where the trip ends with steep, winding climbs and hairpin turns back to Straand Hotel. Can it be tempting with afterdrive on the terrace?

Route suggestions (2021 season):

At 12.35 departure by canal bus from Ulefoss locks bus stop

At 13.00 arrival Lunde lock. About. 200 meters to walk from the bus stop to the lock.

At 13.25 (or 13.45 *) departure by canal boat from Lunde lock

At 15.20 (or 16.00 *) arrival Ulefoss locks

See more details and book the boat trip on the Telemark Canal's website: https://www.booktelemark.no/halvdagstur-ulefoss-lunde-ulefoss-buss-forst