Route S13


Sikvalandsruta has it all. Here we cycle from flat Jæren and to Høg-Jæren with challenging
hills. This trip brings you from the coast into the fjords and back again.

Whether you are a tourist, exerciser or active cyclist, on this trip you will find both interesting experiences and physical challenges.

Skill level
Length (130 KM)
Duration (7 hours)


From Sandnes we cycle south in a relatively flat terrain. We cycle past Kvål in Ganddal, where in its time Norway's largest bicycle factory was located. The trip continues past Kverneland and bikes past Bryne and sets course for Undheim. Undheim marks the border between Jæren and Høg-Jæren. Here we leave flat Jæren and will for a period experience some moderate slopes that can be used in training contexts for those who want to cycle some intensive sessions.

 On the first hill after Undheim, we cycle past Arne Garborg's holiday home, which he built in the early 1900s. The trip continues in a lightly cycled terrain before we reach the next moderate hill that leads us up to Sikvaland but we are still at the top point. 

We have a moderate climb left to cycle before we cycle towards Ålgård in a falling terrain. The stretch from Undheim to the top of Sikvaland is about 10 km. Just before we arrive at Ålgård, we cycle over the E39 and head towards Seldalsbakken. This is the ground "all" cyclists have on their "bucket list". The distance on this hill is about 3.5 km and has an average slope of about 7%. 

After the hill is defeated, this route takes us further towards Høle and Ims. At Ims, the trip takes us towards idyllic and hilly Bersagel. After Bersagel we arrive on the outskirts of Hommersåk where the possibility of a break at the pier is absolutely possible. After Hommersåk we cycle up to Riska which is up the last hill of notable dimensions before we soon return to Sandnes and Kronen Gaard.

Hubber on this route:

Gamlaværket Sandnes

In the heart of the center of Sandnes is one of Norway's most characteristic hotels and restaurants.

Kronen Gaard Hotell

Kronen Gaard Hotell is a different, cozy and intimate hotel located on Vatne, just outside Sandnes.