We are now launching an interactive route 15

Route 15 is an interactive route that takes you through some of the most beautiful Telemark has to offer. Press start and listen, we will guide you to great places to visit with a historical buzz, on route 15 you will get experiences and storytelling from the first turn. Good trip!

Take your mobile with you on your trip and have the world heritage story of the industrial adventure at Rjukan and Notodden told through narrator Torgeir Straand. He takes you on a journey through the waterways and our national industrial adventure. Start the tour by pressing Start or drag the person into the blue bubbles to play the chapter you want to hear. If the program is started, the position will be tracked, and the stories will be played along the way.

Through the route, you will get the exciting story of the "world heritage". About the entrepreneur Sam Eyde who was supposed to "put the waterfall to do useful work for people" which was the start of the industrial adventure Hydro. Sam Eyde secured rights to hydropower development in Telemark already at the beginning of the 1890s, and is today compared to innovators such as Steve Jobs. In 2015, Rjukan-Notodden Industrial Heritage received a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List, which is the list of site objects of irreplaceable cultural and natural value for humanity.

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