Innovative tourism in Norway under Covid-19

Motorcycle investment brings innovation to the tourism sector, cycling and car tourism in Norway:
The digital Hubriding.no concept is growing and includes 9 hotels and 5 counties in 2021

February 14, 2021 - Hubriding.no, which is an innovative and digital tourism investment in Norway, is launched for motorcycles, bicycles and cars in 2021. The pilot for Hubriding.no was created as a direct consequence of the Covid-19 crisis last spring by Straand Hotel in Vrådal in Telemark. The 156-year-old hotel, which started operating with a focus on the road as a shuttle station in 1864, is now back with a focus on the road.

Hubriding.no is a new standard for motorcycles, bicycles and car tourism with a fully digital map solution. The result is more and longer visits to the hotel with overnight stays over several days. At the same time, visitors get to explore exciting roads in the region and experience many great experiences along the way. Today's launch comes at the same time as "Motorcycle Week 2021" starts in Norway. It is a joint project among more than 500,000 car and motorcycle interested parties in Norway who in the coming week will share information about motorcycle interest digitally. Furthermore, the message through the Motorsport Association will reach the entire sport with 2.1 million members in the Norwegian Sports Association.

- This is one of the most innovative I have seen in Norwegian tourism in the last year, says innovation professor Tor W. Andreassen at the Norwegian School of Management, NHH, about the concept.

- We have actively used the Corona crisis for product and concept development. We had never expected such a good and immediate positive response to the Hubriding.no concept, says Lars Arne Straand who is CEO of Straand Hotel. We had a record number of visits from motorcycle enthusiasts who took advantage of the offer last summer. Now we will be able to offer the same to cyclists and motorists. Straand Hotel in Telemark has now joined De Historiske Hotel og Spisesteder with 91 members around Norway on the Hubriding.no strategy. Thus, the digital Hubriding.no tourism concept will grow and include more hotels from in our elongated country.

The following hotels, tourism destinations and counties are in the process of arranging for Hubriding.no. Furthermore, more will be added in the weeks and months ahead.

  • Straand Hotel - Hubriding in Vestfold and Telemark
  • Mrs. Haugans - HubRiding Helgeland in Nordland
  • Røros Hotel - HubRiding Røros in Trøndelang
  • Kronen Gård Hotel - HubRiding Rogaland in Rogaland
  • Gamlaværket - HubRiding Rogaland in Rogaland
  • Grand Hotel Egersund - HubRiding Rogaland in Rogaland
  • Sola Strand Hotel - HubRiding Rogaland in Rogaland
  • Hotel Victoria - HubRiding Rogaland in Rogaland
  • Losby Gods - HubRiding Oslo in Viken

- We expect a large influx of guests if the Covid-19 time opens for it as soon as the driving season starts in April. Last year it turned out that we had between 50-150 motorcycles, cyclists and beautiful cars visiting every long weekend. If it succeeds, there will probably be many more who will try Hubriding.no this year. One of the most surprising things for us was that we had to upgrade the wine list. Motorcyclists, car and bicycle enthusiasts turned out to like good wines and good dinners, says Katrine Straand who runs the hotel together with Lars Arne Straand .

The innovative solution is now in autumn and winter adapted for cycling and car tourism. De Historiske Hotel og Spisesteder has entered as a national partner and the solution will initially be launched at 9 hotels in 5 counties in Norway.

Innovation professor is impressed with Hubriding.no
- It is interesting to see what has been established in the Hubriding.no concept through great efforts by Straand Hotel in Vrådal in Telemark, says innovation professor Tor W. Andreassen at the Norwegian School of Management, NHH, in a comment. Hubriding.no is the most innovative I have seen in the tourism industry in the Covid-19 era.

- A number of hotels are now part of the Straand solution through the chain De Historiske Hotel og Spisesteder using the digital solution with a focus on motorcycles, bicycles and classic cars at other tourism destinations in Norway, says Tor W. Andreassen . The road is used as the main ingredient combined with a digitally adapted map and service offer. Thus, more guests arrive, and the visitors stay at the hotel for several days to have the opportunity to explore more driving routes.

- De Historiske will offer some of the best Norway has to offer and the Hubriding initiative provides Norway's best driving experiences for motorcycles, bicycles and Classic Cars. This is the perfect way to experience the best our destinations have to offer, says Nils Henrik Geitle who is CEO of De Historiske Hotell og Spisesteder in Norway.

- Through digital marketing and segmentation, you reach the relevant vehicle groups in a simple, affordable and targeted way. It is in practice a good example that it is still possible to find innovative solutions in hotels and tourism in these incredibly challenging times, says Nils Henrik Geitle who is CEO of the Historic Hotels and Restaurants in Norway.

- The proportion of repurchases is also large, as a result of data being taken care of and reused in a renewed marketing approach. We see that it contributes to creating growth in a sector that or has been strongly affected by the Covid-19 situation in Norway, says innovation professor Tor W. Andreassen at NHH in a comment.

For more information about Hubriding.no see www.hubriding.no

Further information
Lars Arne Straand, CEO, Straand Hotel, telephone 916 76 934, email: lars.arne@straand.no

Facts box about Straand-Hotel

Straand Hotel is a full service hotel with 125 rooms that the Straand family has run since 1864. Great cultural landscape suitable for good driving experiences, a good kitchen, swimming pool, terrace, course and conference department, beach club with playground and rental of bicycles, paddle boards, boats and canoes. Great hiking opportunities, golf course, the veteran boat M / S Fram and good skiing opportunities in the winter. Member of the Historic Hotel and Dining. The Straand group also includes Vrådal Booking, which arranges cabins and apartments in beautiful Vrådal. Hubriding.no is a digital tourism concept developed by Straand Hotel with a focus on motorcycles / motorcycles, bicycles and beautiful cars. Through digital maps and service offers, you offer an overview and digital map routes that help visitors to stay in the same location for several days. The Historic Hotels and Restaurants with over 91 hotels and restaurants in Norway are now working to implement Hubriding.no as standard in a number of tourism destinations in Norway. This work is coordinated by Straand Hotel in Vrådal through www.hubriding.no

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