Route 6


Route 6 is the experience route itself, here you get all the big ones like Ørnevegen. Lovely Valldal up to Trollstigen and the lookout point, Åndalsnes, Trollveggen, Slådalsvegen over to Vågamo and the north side of Vogåvatn nel to charming Lom and further over Strynefjellet to spectacular Dalsnibba before landing in Geiranger, a whole day with great experiences!

This route is rich in great driving and nature experiences and you should make sure that you have enough time to enjoy all the sights, these you should not just drive past! Technically, this route is not particularly difficult, but you should have some driving experience to enjoy this. If you do not have experience, you will at least get a lot on this trip, which is often ridden with an adventure bike. The section between Lesja and Lom is on a nice, hard-packed gravel road.

Skill level
Length (334 KM)

It is always fun to drive up Ørnevegen but one of the driving technical highlights is definitely the climb from Valldal up to the Lookout Point at Trollstigen which is simply spectacular. The wow feeling continues on the way down to Åndalsnes where you can enjoy the trip to Romsdalseggen by cable car, or thunder further up Romsdalen to enjoy Trollveggen.
The trip up Romsdalen offers wonderful turns and hefty sensory impressions that indicate that the radar should be turned on for this, you must bring with you in addition to the driving experience! At Lesje you turn onto Slådalsvegen which takes you over to Vågåmo, an absolutely fantastic mountain pass that is especially fun to drive for those who also love gravel (If you do not like gravel you can drive around Dombås and Sel over to Vågåmo, also fun) . From Vågåmo, the trip on the north side of Vågåvatnet goes down to charming Lom which in every way is a place of pleasure for the taste buds, here you will find a lot of good for the taste buds!

The trip from here goes through a quiet part to Skjåk where you can stop at a private tractor museum right after you pass Nordberg, or enjoy the absolutely wonderful "sweepers" "on the way up to Grotli and eventually the trip's perhaps biggest highlight which is Dalsnibba, this experience is not to be missed!

From here you have approx. 100 very fun turns again down to the hotel where you can enjoy new taste experiences or maybe a spa treatment in the wonderful facility after a long day in the seat. You will definitely sleep well!

"It is recommended that GPS is set to select the fastest route and any avoidances turned off for the route to be calculated as described."
"It's recommended to set you GPS to select the fastest route and any avoidance turned off for the route to calculate as intended."