Route 2

Fjord and sea

This route offers varied and fresh driving and great variation in driving terrain and type of turns. The route which requires focus, concentration and preferably some driving experience. Route 2 offers large speed variations and has parts that belong to the amusement park category. The route offers many and great visual impressions that can only be enjoyed. A varied and wonderful route with variety and opportunities to add detours and extra experiences.

The departure from Hotel Union Geiranger through the center of Geiranger is always just as pleasant and the trip up to Ørnesvingen and Eidsdal offers nice warm-up exercises that you will benefit from throughout the day.

Skill level
Length (299 KM)

From Linge via Stordal to Vestnes, you drive in varied turning terrain for relatively good speeds. You have to watch for a few of the turns are blind and require speed adjustment on the way in, these are right turns that go around mountain bumps that you see coming. Otherwise, these roads generally allow high turning speeds in clear turning combinations. The party from Vestes to Ytre Hildre is nothing short of insanely festive and if you have several bikes in tow, you really get an experience of sitting on a roller coaster that winds through a wonderful riding terrain, incredibly festive. Vestnes or Brattvåg can be natural destinations for a lunch break!

If you do not get enough of this, you can add an extra loop from Tresfjord to Vaksvika where parts of the stretch run on gravel. If you choose to follow the directions, you will after Ytre Hildre be able to relax a bit in lazy turns on the way back to Linge via Sjøholt. If you want to experience Ålesund, you can easily find your way from Sjøholt and a half-hour trip out to Ålesund.

Upon arrival in Linge, the trip crosses the fjord by ferry, the last section over the mountain to Geiranger you never get enough of and it is natural to stop at the lookout point Ørnesvingen for a photo session and maybe a cooling shower in the waterfall!

If you miss the weather and the sun, you will really get in touch with the elements of this trip and the feeling of mastery will be high!

"It is recommended that GPS is set to select the fastest route and any avoidances turned off for the route to be calculated as described."
"It's recommended to set you GPS to select the fastest route and any avoidance turned off for the route to calculate as intended."