Driver development on Straand 27 to 29 May

Norway's most important MC HUB - New annual event with driver development in focus will be established at Straand Hotel in 2022, seen from the weekend of 27 to 29 May already now!

- Telemark has long traditions where driver development has been in focus, there are many who know well about the traffic safety days for motorcycles that have been arranged with great success at Geiteryggen, says a committed Trond Olsen who is coordinator of the event. We are very happy that Jan Petter Lyng and his team are with us to arrange Straand Førerutvikling 27 to 29 May. Our goal is to continue and bring new elements into the annual Geiteryggen event by uniting old and new heads and to build on this well-established event.
Based on Straand Hotel, we will gather the best in research and driver development to offer the motorcyclist wonderful driving experiences and new learning this weekend, says a committed Olsen.

Knowledge and skills must be combined with good experiences, just as we can at Straand Hotel in Vrådal. Most of the skills training will take place on the airstrip in Fyresdal, but we will focus on driver development already at the hotel stairs. The great trip up along Nisser and Vråvatn will be done in groups where there will be an opportunity for guidance along the way by knowledgeable instructors.

Event manager Trond Olsen

- We are very pleased that Trond Olsen, who is also responsible for Straand Treffet, takes on new tasks as coordinator for Straand Driver Development 27 to 29 May, says Lars Arne Straand who is CEO of Straand Hotel in Vrådal in Telemark.
After 4 years of very successful motorcycle meetings at Straand Hotel in Telemark, we are now focusing on a new and adapted offer for motorcyclists. We will create a new arena for good experiences for motorcyclists with a strong focus on driver development combined with good rides and driving experiences.

We build on the success from Geiteryggen
- We build on the best from the many years of traffic safety days at Geiteryggen and put this together with the driver development competence environments, national traffic research environment and focus on driving experiences and the roads in the region, says Lars Arne Straand.
The purpose is to create good driving experiences and increased skill level through training and driver development. As we always do, we put the event into a social setting that is spiced with motorcycles, knowledge, good food and many good conversations. In the evening, we will learn more about how researchers think and how they work to make us even better and safer drivers. Driving to Vrådal is in itself a wonderful experience and you can choose whether you want to spice it all up with HUB riding or social activities.
Set aside the weekend immediately and book a place as soon as possible.
Further information:
Lars Arne Straand, CEO, Straand Hotel, telephone 916 76 934, email: lars.arne@straand.no

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