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What kind of Hubrider are you?

Hubriding for road cyclists

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Hubriding for cyclists

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What is Hubriding?

Hubriding is a concept for all travel enthusiasts. The concept offers the best you could wish for on an excursion. You can stay at one of our Hubriding hotels, avoid monotonous transportation routes and experience exciting routes full of varied experiences.

All routes are day trips, they are put together based on map studies and test rides in some of the most exciting areas you can find. The concept includes facilitating services such as delicious food and exciting activities, cleaning and basic maintenance, opportunities for drying equipment, packed lunches and access to technical assistance if needed.

The great thing about Hubriding is that you can return to the same bed every single day, meet old or new friends and enjoy life as a Hubrider with us. Whether you're an active hiker, cyclist, motorcyclist, or just an avid explorer, we have something for you.